Project List and Links

The following is a list by USEPA focus area of project titles (link to project web page, if available) and the corresponding Ohio/Lake Erie GLRI awardees (link to organization home page, if available). Contact information and a brief description of each project is available on the project summary list (PDF).


Cuyahoga AOC Urban Riparian Habitat Restoration Phase 1 (Cuyahoga Co Engineer’s Office)

Ottawa River Watershed Scrap Yard Pollution Prevention Program (City of Toledo, Dept. of Public Utilities)

Prevention of Surface Water Contamination from Biosolids Application (University of Toledo at the Lake Erie Center)

Installation Incentives for Dental Amalgam Separators (pdf of November 29, 2011 presentation) (NEORSD)

Deploying Debris Management System in Cuyahoga River AOC (Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority) (see Port Press Release)

Maumee AOC, Wolf Creek: Passive Treatment Wetland (University of Toledo) Also see Wolf Creek Committee web site

Fish Deformity Data Collection and Analysis (Ohio EPA)

Invasive Species

Phragmites Control in W. LE Coastal Wetlands (The Nature Conservancy)

Invasive Plant Prevention and Control, Grand River Watershed (TNC)

Long-term Phragmites Control through the Lake Erie CWMA (TNC)

Invasive Plant Partnership in the Cuyahoga River Basin (Cleveland Metroparks) see Invasive Plant Management page.

Invasives Early Warning Systems Validation in Toledo Harbor (Wayne State)

(Also see the Great Lakes Phragmites Collective)

Nearshore Health/Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction

TMDL for Ottawa River (Lima) Watershed (OEPA - Div. of Surface Water and TMDL page)

Cuyahoga County Surface Water Improvement Fund (OEPA - Div. of Surface Water)

Toledo Harbor Sediment Management and Reuse (OLEC)

Phosphorus Reduction: Variable Rate Technology Program (OEPA - Div. of Surface Water)

Improving Communication about Beach Water Quality (includes Beach Poster Contest) (ODH) ohiohealthybeacheson Facebook!

Sanitary Surveys to Reduce Pollution at Lake Erie Beaches (ODH)

Process Based Predictive Models for Complex Urban Beaches (NEORSD)

Innovative Rapid Identification of LE Fecal Source (OSU College of Public Health)

Holistic Watershed Approach to Health at Huntington Beach (Cuyahoga County Board of Health) on Facebook!

Rapid Method Data Comparison at Bathing Beaches in Ohio (NEORSD)

Selective, Multiplexed, Real-time Detection of Bacteria (Northeast Ohio Medical University)

North Central Ohio Sediment Reduction Project (Huron SWCD) (also see Project Brochure)

Great Lakes Pharmaceutical Initiative (Sea Grant Universities)

Lake Erie Phosphorus Task Force Phase II (Ohio EPA - Lake Erie Programs)

Habitat Restoration

Cuyahoga AOC Habitat & Fish Restoration Opportunities (ODNR - Div. of Wildlife also see Fish Surveys page)

North Bass Island Restoration (ODNR - Div. of Parks and Recreation)

Reforestation of Maumee Bay & MJ Thurston State Parks (ODNR - Div. of Parks and Recreation)

Ashtabula AOC Habitat Restoration (pdf of November 29, 2011 presentation) (OEPA - Div. of Surface Water)

Restoring Ottawa River Wetlands & Habitat in the Maumee AOC Project Fact Sheet (Partners for Clean Streams Inc.)

Wet Prairie Restoration in the Maumee AOC (TNC)

Cuyahoga AOC Urban Riparian Habitat Restoration Phase 2 (Cuyahoga County Engineer's Office)

Lacustrine Refuge in Cuyahoga AOC (Cuyahoga SWCD)

Habitat Restoration Projects around Lake Erie led by Ducks Unlimited (also see their map of projects and this article)

Accountability, Monitoring, Evaluation, Communication, and Partnerships

Ohio Comprehensive Lake Erie Nearshore Monitoring Program (OEPA - Div. of Surface Water)

Coordinated Implementation Strategy for Lake Erie LaMP (OEC)

Lake Erie Synthesis & Coordination Team (OLEC)