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Maps of GLRI Projects in Ohio

About the Project Maps

There are several sources of maps of GLRI projects. Each source focuses on different projects and no one source is comprehensive. Keep in mind that this is a very large initiative, and it is difficult for any one agency to track all the activity. You may wish to check multiple sources to get a complete picture of the activity of interest to you.

GLRI Project Maps

Interactive GLRI project mapping is available on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative home page (scroll to bottom of page). To zoom to Ohio's projects, type "Lake Erie" in the search box. This map is the most comprehensive.

Great Lakes Restoration at Work

Interactive mapping at the Great Lakes Commission. Focused on shovel-in-the-ground projects.

Interactive mapping of habitat restoration projects at the Great Lakes Commission, with assistance from the ACOE. Slightly different list of projects than above site, focused more narrowly on habitat projects.

Interactive mapping at the Healing Our Waters Coalition website Focus is on large, complete, projects.

GLRI Projects in Ohio

Static printable maps of the projects in Ohio can be found on the Fact Sheets on the Reports page. Focus is on USEPA-funded, state, local, and NGO projects for Lake Erie in Ohio.