Reports by the Synthesis Team: Summaries of GLRI Projects for Lake Erie in Ohio

About the Lake Erie Synthesis Team (11-2-2010)

Fact Sheet: Habitat and Invasive Species (8-23-2012) (includes map)

Fact Sheet: Pollution Control (8-23-2012) (includes map)

Fact Sheet: Beach Health (8-23-2012) (includes map)

Awarded projects 2010-2012 with project summaries (updated 12-12-2013)

Fact Sheet with project list and award totals (updated 12-12-2011)

Also see the "Forums" page for more details on many of the projects provided in presentations by the Principal Investigators.

Reports, Fact Sheets, and more from the Federal Agencies

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: Links to each federal agency GLRI web page can be found in the right column of the home page under "GLRI Task Force". Key agencies include:

US EPA's GLRI Homepage

US Geological Survey GLRI Page

US Fish & Wildlife Service GLRI Page


US Dept. of Agriculture GLRI Page

USACE Role in GLRI (presentation - pdf)

Fact Sheets from Organizations (multiple projects)

Habitat Restoration Projects around Lake Erie led by Ducks Unlimited (also see their map of projects and this article)

Great Lakes Projects led by The Nature Conservancy

Black River AOC projects web site with fact sheets

Great Lakes Commission Fact Sheet - Ohio: Great Lakes Restoration at Work includes 2010 through 2012 projects and federal projects