Ohio Domestic Action Plan 2020

Ohio’s Domestic Action Plan (DAP) will advance efforts toward the proposed 40% nutrient reduction target put forth in the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 2012 (GLWQA).

NEW - Ohio has updated the Ohio Domestic Action Plan for 2020. The new plan supports Governor DeWine’s H2Ohio Plan, which was released in Nov. 2019. The Ohio Lake Erie Commission will coordinate finalizing the Ohio Domestic Action Plan with Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), who each share responsibility for implementing the plan. Each agency will be accountable for implementing their respective areas of authority included in the state plan to meet the overall 40 percent reduction.

New action items included in the Ohio DAP focus on:

  • Establishing science-based priorities for agricultural best management practices and state programs to support H2Ohio efforts to encourage farmers to implement them;
  • Calling out the importance of wetland restoration and outlining ODNR efforts to create, restore, and enhance wetlands for nutrient reduction as part of H2Ohio;
  • Updated actions for communities including H2Ohio support for home sewage treatment system remediation;
  • Integrating the role of watershed planning at the local level for siting projects to reduce nutrients efficiently, including a distribution of the load reduction throughout the Maumee River watershed based on the Ohio EPA Nutrient Mass Balance method.

Ohio's Domestic Action Plan 2020 - FINAL

Ohio DAP 2020 Appendix C Cost Curve Graphics Slide Deck
H2Ohio Cost Curve Analysis PDF
Actions by Private Partner Organizations Table 2020

Response to Comments on Ohio DAP 2020


The public webinar is archived here.

Correspondence or public comment regarding the Ohio DAP is welcome at any time and may be emailed to: dap@lakeerie.ohio.gov. We will direct it to the appropriate agency staff.

The USEPA DAP serves as an umbrella document, and the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania each have their own state level plans (list of links to federal, state, and province DAPs).

Supporting files and references

Expanded Water Monitoring Report October 2019 also see spreadsheet version (includes all stations, and data available from 2008 to 2018)

State of Ohio's Western Basin of Lake Erie Collaborative Implementation Framework posted here.
Western Basin of Lake Erie Collaborative Agreement 2015-06-13

Ohio EPA Resources:
Go to Ohio EPA's Integrated Report 2020 (discusses Lake Erie TMDL)
Nutrient Pollution - Includes links to Ohio's Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Nutrient Mass Balance Studies
Lake Erie Program - Includes links to Ohio Phosphorus Task Force resources