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Lake Erie Quality Index

View across Metzger Marsh at sunrise showing water, sky, and sun at the horizon.

Metzger Marsh at sunrise. Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest winner 2019

LEQI 2020

The 2020 State of the Lake Report - Lake Erie Quality Index is under development, and the effort is being led by Ohio Lake Erie Commission staff. This effort will examine data similar to that used in prior reports. The data have been collected by the state agencies that make up the Commission, as well as a few other sources. The suite of indicators and metrics will be re-evaluated as part of this process. Staff will report out on progress to the Commission and to the public at the Ohio Lake Erie Commission quarterly meetings.

LEQI 2004

The 2004 State of the Lake Report - Lake Erie Quality Index repeated the analysis of indicators and metrics that were presented in the 1998 LEQI with some minor changes. There were eleven indicators and 32 metrics. Human Exposure Risk and Coastal Recreation had the highest "Good" ratings, while Aquatic Habitat and Ambient Water Quality had the lowest "Fair" ratings.

2004 State of the Lake Report

LEQI 1998

The 1998 State of the Lake Report - Lake Erie Quality Index was the first to use the indicators and metrics style of tracking the condition of Lake Erie. There were ten indicators and 28 metrics. Fishing and Tourism were rated excellent, but Water Pollution and Habitat were rated fair.

1998 State of the Lake Report

LEQI 1992

First published on the 20 year anniversary of the federal Clean Water Act of 1972, this State of the Lake Report documented the resulting water quality improvements in Ohio's portion of Lake Erie waters and watershed. A narrative style report, it contains charts indicating downward trends in nutrient and toxic pollution and upward trends in wildlife and habitat.

1992 State of the Lake Report