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The Commission and the Lake Erie community continue to work towards making our Life on Lake Erie one we can all enjoy. The continuing discovery of ideas will be critical to our future Lake Erie. Here are ways OLEC and supporting agencies will work towards discoveries to preserve, protect, and promote Great Lake Erie: 

  •  Work towards the growth of the Lake Erie Protection Fund, a Fund that supports the use of beaches, access to rivers and shorelines to visit and explore, improved fishing and boating opportunities for Ohioans and visitors, and reduction of harmful algal blooms. The Fund is supported by the purchase of the Life on Lake Erie License Plate or direct donations. Learn how you can support life on Lake Erie by purchasing a plate.

  • The Ohio Areas of Concern program will continue to accelerate and make progress in delisting its three remaining Areas of Concern in the State. This will be accomplished through the support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to complete the remaining projects in these AOCs including their Great Lakes Legacy Projects and the removal of the remaining 21 Beneficial Use Impairment. The work will be accomplished through the local state and federal partnership that the AOC program was established upon.  

  • Continue to implement the Domestic Action Plan for Nutrient Reduction in Ohio's Lake Erie and coordinate H2Ohio with the goal of reducing the severity of harmful algae blooms and low oxygen waters in Lake Erie. 

  • Continue to make progress in the management of dredge material in Ohio's eight Lake Erie Harbors to maintain the commerce centers they provide.