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The Ohio Lake Erie Commission was established to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, protect the quality of its waters and ecosystem, and promote economic development in the region. This mission is carried through by ensuring the coordination of policies and programs of the state government pertaining to water quality, toxic substances, and coastal resource management. 
The Lake Erie watershed covers approximately 11,649 square miles within 35 counties, which vary from dense metropolitan regions to large agricultural areas, and coastal and forested open lands. These regions are used widely across the watershed for residential, commercial, transportation, public parks, shipping, distribution, and farmland and livestock production.
The 312miles of coastline attracts visitors worldwide and is a significant contributor to Ohio's $48 billion tourism industry, with $2B spent annually for sport fishing on Lake Erie. Tourism has continued to experience growth over the past several years due to Lake Erie's burgeoning wine industries, public beaches, world-famous amusement park, incredible boating, world-class fishing,  birdwatching, and more.